"I am so thankful for the growth I experienced as a result of having Toni walk along side me in my healing journey. She was able to help me see my life journey in a new light while providing me with the compassion and care I needed to heal. Toni embodies the love of Christ and has wisdom that flows naturally. I am eternally grateful!"  - Jen B.



"Toni has the gifts of deep listening and compassion. She is authentic, and her approach is heart centered, gentle and supportive. The experience of having Toni walk with me as I explored parts of my painful past was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. She created safety for me to have the courage and strength to uncover and let go painful memories, and to remember, see and embrace my True Self. She’s the real deal!" - Lucie M.

’Toni made me feel safe during our coaching session, she was warm, empathetic, non-judgmental and understanding. I felt as though I had known Toni for years, and her coaching style and approach allowed me to trust Toni with information that I have not felt comfortable sharing. If Toni can unlock my trauma within the first couple of sessions, I look forward to what I can unlock and heal from in the next few sessions. Thank you Toni, you are an amazing coach!!!’’ - Ronnie T. 



"Toni was so supportive and helped me see where I was being hard on myself as I was feeling stuck with some inner critic banter blocking my way in life.  She showed her compassionate heart and uplifting personality that helped me get out of my funk and see the brighter side of life.  I would recommend Toni to anyone looking for a coach!"  - Jill P.